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As Christians we realize that there is more to life than meets the eye. The Bible says that our lives are not our own but that we are now “found in Christ” and are ultimately an extension of God’s ability as He operates His will through us here on earth. We are the warriors of God’s love!

I’m sure you have realized, that deep inside your being God has called you to reach this world with the same message that was able to save your life! The message of Jesus Christ!

But sometimes life seems to overtake our good intentions and we can’t always be on the frontline spreading the Gospel. CE Global allows you to impact the world with your giving! Every dollar you give goes to supporting our ministry teams on the frontline and YOU get to send the light of the Gospel into the world.

Your giving can impact the world and transform lives forever!

Here’s YOUR opportunity to help us take the Gospel Message to the ends of the earth.

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Your monthly contribution will have a massive impact in saving 1 Billion Souls for Jesus.